Let’s Move Fitness Program

Activity Challenge Programme

  • Proven to increase children’s activity levels.
  • Specially designed to align with the latest Education Inspection Framework.
  • User friendly visual data reporting.
  • Eligible for schools premium funding.

How does it work?

Each pupil within a nominated class will wear an activity band. The will track activity throughout the day.

This data will show specific times pupils are engaged in increased activity.

At the end of the programme schools will receive a report outlining the data in visual format.

This programme can be customised based on the particular requirements of each school.


Impact – Raising the profile of P.E and sports across the whole school.
Inclusive for all – Opportunities for ALL pupils to become more active in a non-threatening environment.
Ownership – Allowing children to take control of the physical activity that suits them in an environment that encourages engagement over the long term.
Sustainability – Promoting healthy lifestyle habits that will encourage children to want to maintain the improved levels of activity.
Family Holistic Approach – Encouraging families to move more, for example walking to and from school, this can have a positive effect not only on the child but can influence siblings and parents to do the same.

For more information call 01543 624117 or email antmaguire@wmsd.co.uk