• Week 6: Choosing an Approach

    Week 6: Choosing an Approach

    We played some attacking and defending games this week. One of the games consisted of trying to collect as many footballs from your opponents as you could whilst at the same time trying to…

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  • Week 7: Cultivating Patience

    Week 7: Cultivating Patience

    Patience was the key in this weeks session with the children getting the chance to experience having to wait whilst at the same time being put through their paces in a fitness circuit.Children worked…

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  • Week 8: Practising Thankfulness

    Week 8: Practising Thankfulness

    “Thank You”, two words that don’t cost and when said with meaning and emotion can make the person receiving them feel good. In today’s session we practised this through the “Mine Game”…

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  • Week 9: Managing your Body

    Week 9: Managing your Body

    This week we focused on body language and how posture can determine how we feel and act. We discussed with the children how by changing your body posture could change your mood. In sport…

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  • Week 10: Thinking Ahead

    Week 10: Thinking Ahead

    We all do it, some more than others. Thinking ahead! The children were given activities for this week’s theme around planning and why it is important. One of the activities involved the children having…

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  • Week 11: Dealing with Change

    Week 11: Dealing with Change

    When things happen or change unexpectedly from one way to another, we discussed how we have to adapt or be flexible to the situations that arise at both home and school such as moving…

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  • Mindfulness in Sport

    Mindfulness in Sport

    Practicing mindfulness is so important for us all, it helps us to stay connected to the present which can be so difficult , we are either thinking in the past or in the future.…

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