Week 9: Managing your Body

This week we focused on body language and how posture can determine how we feel and act.

We discussed with the children how by changing your body posture could change your mood. In sport we used footballer Christiano Ronaldo as an example of how using your body can make you more confident and focused. Before he takes a free kick he always stands up tall with his legs stance straight and very wide. The children all had a go at trying this out!

We also did tasks around verbal and non verbal communication in sport and the children were given the task of not being allowed to speak in a game situation.

They could only use there body such as hand signalling and pointing or giving eye contact to let others know they wanted the ball or where they wanted the ball played to.

We finished the session by seeing how we could relate this to our everyday lives such as at school and home.

One of the children commented by saying:
I can tell if my friends are down or unhappy by how they look even if they have not even spoken to me yet as their head is down and aren’t their normal upbeat selves.”

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