“Thank You”, two words that don’t cost and when said with meaning and emotion can make the person receiving them feel good.

In today’s session we practised this through the “Mine Game” where children had to close their eyes and be guided with the help of their partner through a maze of cones without stepping on any, if they got to the other side they would say Thank you to their partner for helping them. We also spoke about how about all the things that come under thankfulness like gratitude and appreciation and asked children what they were grateful for and appreciated in their lives . – Family, Pets, games consoles and having a roof over their heads were high on the list at first then they mentioned the simple things like instant clean running water and the air to be able to breathe.

Sometimes when we find ourselves feeling down because we haven’t got what we want or need we can think about the things we have got and how thinking this way can change our mood and help us feel better.

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