Patience was the key in this weeks session with the children getting the chance to experience having to wait whilst at the same time being put through their paces in a fitness circuit.
Children worked in pairs with one running around the outside whilst the other worked in their square doing a range of body weight movements like star jumps, burpees and planks.

We asked that the first few times of running around the circuit station that partner A ran as fast as they could to get back to partner B, overtaking anyone so they were faster and quicker and they got back to partner B in the the shorter time. Partner B was showing patience.

We then informed the children that they were only allowed to walk and could not overtake anyone in front of them to see if it made them feel any different. They could really relate to this with some saying how they have to be patient at home. They responded with a few examples such as having to wait for their dinner or having to wait if a parent is on the phone and they wanted to ask them something. One child said how they had to wait for his sister to finish in the bathroom every morning.

You had to have patience to wait.
We talked about how we should focus on our breathing if we got frustrated at waiting or if we couldn’t do something and to think that the person or thing that was making us feel this way was in fact teaching us a lesson and that lesson is to be Patient !!!

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