Week 3 was all about taking the children out of their comfort zones. We did this through a series of sports skills and games based activities to see how they felt when having to do a task e.g. throwing and catching a ball against a wall. To start with there were no restrictions. Then we introduced restrictions i.e. the amount of catches and a put time limit on it. This was to see how the children felt and what they noticed in that moment. We spoke to them about how in life we have certain pressures at home and at school that can make us feel uncomfortable i.e. being away from our parents or guardians or when we start school or join a club for the first time, and the pressure of exams and homework and also the pressure to fit in. We also spoke about how pressure can be a good thing in life and how in sport it is our body’s natural way of letting us know to get ready to face the challenge ahead.

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